About The Complete Canine

Taking my dog Lenyx an American Stafford for a walk in Brimbank park

Lenyx and Zelda


I’m Sanne (Sah-nah) founder of ‘The Complete Canine’. 

The Complete Canine came to be because of my own dogs Lenyx and Zelda, who are proudly displayed in my logo. 

Lenyx and Zelda are my inspiration and my passion. Without them, I wouldn’t have taken the step to go into dog training.  Lenyx is this old soul and my heart dog. He is really attached to me and loves his family and isn’t necessarily interested in other dogs (or people) around him. He’s friendly, but selective. 

When Lenyx was 7 months he broke his toe and became quite reactive and fearful to touch and vet visits. We called in a trainer to help us with his potential aggression with the vet and saw our dog change drastically. I loved our trainer’s work so much, that I decided, that is what I want to do. Help people, help their dogs. 

Zelda is a joy. She’s our Herd2Homes rescue Kelpie x Koolie. She is as extrovert as a dog can be. She is the typical working dog and exactly what I wanted in a working dog, to be able to go sheep herding and hopefully end up doing agility competitions with her. She’s full of beans and has a huge (weird) character.

I thank them everyday for being there for me and making my life richer. 

Ensuring our dogs life is the best it can be. 
Hiking and backpacking in Bermagui. Challenge your dog!


Teaching and helping people is something that comes naturally to me. I have been a full time primary school teacher for 6 years and the switch to dog training feels like a perfect next step to me, although currently I am balancing it with my fulltime job. I have the right amount of people skills, ability to explain, train and teach and the passion and handling skills with dogs.

 I strive to learn as much as possible and am thankful for trainers such as Jay Jack, Chad Mackin, Tyler Muto and Pat Stuart to continue to educate and share their practices. 

I am also very lucky to call Ernie Frappa (The Dog Bloke) my mentor. 

However my interest doesn’t just stop at obedience and behaviour. As someone who grew up around horses I saw the benefits of osteopaths and massage therapists first hand. Horses that were having issues under the saddle often moved and behaved so much better after a good massage session that for me it was a logical step to have a look at dog massage as well. 

I wanted to look at the ‘whole dog’ through Canine (myofunctional therapy) Massage. Dogs benefit from massage in the same way as humans and on top of that it can assist in addressing numeral behavioural issues, which goes perfectly together with dog training and sports. 

Sheep herding with my rescue Kelpie Zelda in Diggers Rest.

Qualifications and PD

  • I  completed the NDTF cert 3 in Dog Training and Behaviour. 
  • I’m currently finishing up the NCTM Diploma for Canine Myofunctional Therapy. 
  • Bachelor of Education

Besides my official qualifications I regular attend Seminars to ensure I'm up to date with the most recent training concepts and strategies and because we always keep learning. 

  • Tyler Muto - Loose Leash Walking Unit (Leerburg)
  • Pat Stuart - Nepopo Seminar ( Melbourne ) 
  • Pat Stuart - Nepopo for reactivy and aggression (Melbourne)
  • Jay Jack - GRC and Play Based Training ( West Melbourne)