Brain Breaker Dog Class

Canine enrichment through play, puzzles and games. Good to bust boredom.

Do you recognise this?

Is your dog destructive? 🤯
Impossible to tire out?
Doesn't seem to have an off button?


Each lesson I will introduce you and your dog to different enrichment activities it will make them use their brain to challenge them and mentally tire them out and ultimately beat boredom.

There will be games, puzzles, tricks, drive work, nose work.. something of EVERYTHING.
You will go home with many ideas you can easily apply yourself for barely any cost.

We will rotate so you have about 5 minutes at each game and will go home with about 7 to 10 new ideas. 


Suitable for dogs all sizes & ages.

Dogs will be on lead at all times and spread out to reduce distraction & reactivity. 

Reactive dogs welcome. Please inform me beforehand to discuss if they will need to wear a muzzle. 


The Class will run once a month and I'm trying to aim for every first Tuesday of the month. 

You don't have to book x amount lessons in advance. Just pick and choose whenever you and your dog are available! 

NEXT: November 12th


The Crescent Reserve - Point Cook

This is a quiet publuc park on Shaftsbury Boulevard and across Sommersby Road.


Each lesson will be $15 either pay online or on the day. 

You can book through the website or by sending me a message/giving me a call.