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GRC Dogsports is a new breed of dog sport. It seeks to celebrate and test not only the dog’s gameness (G), but the relationship (R) with the handler, and the dog’s self control (C). 



The sports we offer competition in are

Treadmill Race,  Weight Pull,  

Wall Climb  and  Spring Pole

The Mill Race, Weight Pull, and Wall Climb are traditionally done without any control parameters. But, in GRC, the higher levels will have increasing impulse control requirements layered into the events. Such as stays while waiting for the release to start, or increasing the distance from the handler to test area of influence. This will require not just drive, but control to get the advanced title



Of course before we even get to the drive events….. All teams will do a “Social Responsibility” test. This will be broken into three portions. A Leash Communication portion. An Obedience portion. And a Liberty Portion. 

GRC Melbourne Club


Interested to try out GRC or join our club? 

email  GRCMelbourne@gmail.com for more information.

GRC Melbourne is located at PRODOG in Footscray. 

Traffic Light System


GRCMelbourne is providing a controlled, safe & supportive club-practice for every dog.


The🚦traffic-light-system allows people to advocate for their dogs & keeps everyone accountable to play by the rules!

Why GRC?


GRC is available to ALL dogs. Papered, mixed breeds, big or small.
Do you want a happy dog with great obedience and fulfilled needs and a better relationship with your dog? GRC is the sport for you.