One on One lessons and private instruction to ensure you and your dog will grow and learn at your own pace.

Personalised Dog Training

The Complete Canine believes in balanced, positive first training methods with a strong focus on learning through play and building strong relationships with your dog. Clear communication is the key to a good working relationship between you and your dog. 

First and foremost my techniques involve food & luring making it a positive experience for the dog AND you. When there is need for it I use pressure (leash or spatial) or withholding a reward (food/toy/attention) or a correction (leash pop, 'No', 'Uh-uh')

Private sessions are ideal for training issues in and around the home and in ‘real life’ situations such as general manners of your dog:

  • jumping
  • barking
  • General destructiveness around the house
  • fears of household objects
  • Leash pulling 
  • Resource guarding

I am also available for you if you are looking for obedience training for a puppy or older dogs or more advanced training options/behaviours.

I can come to your home, or can conduct the session at another suitable location of your preference which you can discuss with me. Private sessions range from single, hour long visits, to multiple visits depending on the severity of the problem. 

Please note: For aggression problems please contact Ernie Frappa @ The Dog Bloke. 

Areas covered: Western Suburbs of Melbourne within 15 - 20 km radius of Point Cook.

Conditions for booking  training sessions:

Bookings aren't secured until paid in full.

50% cancellation fee will be applied if cancelled within 48 hours. Emergencies/illnesses/inclement weather excluded.