Puppy Starter Package

Cute puppies lined up for their photo. Ready for training!


The Puppy Starter Package is the perfect option for new puppy owners.

Most owners are a bit nervous to take their pup out before they are fully vaccinated. It's an understandable decision but you do take the risk to not optimize the 'critical socialization period' which lasts until about 16 weeks. 

Any experience your pup has before the 16 weeks they take with them for the rest of their lives so it is crucial to create as many positive experiences as possible by introducing as many surfaces, objects, sounds, people, places and STABLE and SOCIAL dogs. 


The Complete Canine can come in and help you with your pup. Because even though pups are very cute... they can also be very frustrating, tiring and sometimes it seems like they never stop chewing!

We will build on making your pup a motivated and confident dog with a solid foundation. 

We can help with:

  • biting/chewing
  •  settling down
  • getting used to a leash
  • beginning recall
  • housebreaking

Each training session will be 45 minutes. 


This course is suitable for anyone with a puppy from 8 weeks to 8 months old. 

Training sessions can be planned in whenever you need them (so it could be 1 every week or 1 every month). 

5 session will have to be used up within a year of the first session. 


Training sessions will take place at your home and locations around your neighborhood (such as parks, shopping centers etc) when you feel ready to go outside with your pup. 


We will offer a life time discount for pups going through the Puppy Starter Package with a 25% discount on future private sessions & group classes.