Why Massage Therapy for Dogs?



Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT) or also just called massage therapy has many benefits for dogs. 

Just like humans, dogs can enjoy a relaxation massage, rehabilitation after accident or injury, aiding in getting older or benefit from sport massages. 

Less tension


Massage increases the blood flow and reduces muscle tension before it builds up and allows for greater flexibility of the body. Less tension and improved circulation has an effect on the dog as a whole as it relaxes tight muscles and relieves tension. 

Pain Relief & Prevention of knots and tightness


It can lessen inflammation and swelling in joints and therefore alleviate pain. 

It lengthens connective tissue, breaks down and prevents the formation of knots or adhesions.

Better range of motion


It enhances muscle tone and increases range of motion. When the range of motion is increased, the energy level becomes more efficient. 

Injury prevention


When muscles are tight or stressed, the connective tissue and length of muscle fibres are shortened which can lead to injury. Injury is highly likely for tight muscles as there is a reduced range of motion. 

It helps the WHOLE dog. Physically and Mentally


The massage treatment doesn’t just help the dog’s physical wellbeing but can also play a huge part in the dog’s emotional and mental wellbeing. Just like humans, everything is in connection with each other. If you have a pulled muscle and you have to lift things it may make you grumpy or stressed because you can’t do your work properly. This may make you snap at someone easier than you’d usually do. Everything in a dog also stands in connection with each other.